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January 26, 2019

San Francisco, along with other major cities in the States, have “touristy” spots that are worth visiting at least once!  I’d like to say these spots are usually what make the city unique and separate from other cities.  Alcatraz Island is one of those “touristy”spots!  I explored Alcatraz when visiting San Francisco prior to becoming a California resident.  Upon exploring Alcatraz the second time around, I was able to test out my new Sony 85mm F/1.8-22 fixed prime camera lens!  Below were my favorite photographs of the day!


“Touristy” spots are not always overrated, and as a traveler/explorer/adventurer in other states and countries, I’m comfortable visiting these spots.  Therefore, what difference does it make being a “tourist” in your own neighborhood versus other states and countries?  Answer:  Zero difference.  Exploration and adventure does not always have to be something grandiose; the adventure can start locally and someplace new!

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