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A little bit about me

Hope.  Beauty.  The Pursuit of Happiness.  These words are the driving forces of why I usually take a drive or book a flight and jet-set away whether nearby or thousands of miles away.  A buffer or a time to recharge from the day to day life routines — to live a life that is boundless, even if it is temporary.

I find joy by experiencing the world, capturing my experiences, and telling stories through photographs.  How can I do that for you?

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With a background in healthcare, forensics, social work, psychology, art, research, and project management (building programs for organizations), I’m interested in collaborating with individuals and organizations on branding, marketing, and social issues (photojournalism).

Upcoming events?

When not traveling, I capture corporate and non-profit events, media events, and lifestyle photographs.  My photography is affiliated with ArtSpan, Canvas SF, Voss Gallery, and Spinsters of San Francisco. Hire me for your next event!

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As technology progresses, I strongly believe that the next movement to make a strong impact and to help people is by implementing the human touch with aid from technology.  I see each project as an opportunity to share a story with others. Everyone has a story, and I am interested in learning about yours.