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May 28, 2016

After my trip to Australia, I knew I wanted to revisit Alberta but mainly to visit my friend, Jono, who connected me with his mom and his twin brother while I was traveling.  I thought it was one of the kindest gestures anyone could offer, and one of my goals after traveling to Australia was to travel with the intention of spending it with people in my life.  In addition, this time of the year was around the time my father passed away last year.  I did not want to spend his anniversary alone and would rather make new memories, which is why I decided to fly again.

The irony of this trip was I wanted to spend it with a friend, but as life happens, things don’t always go as planned.  However, I was really grateful in exploring solo but unexpectedly gaining a new friend, Haoran, who was also traveling by himself.  I met him while hiking at Johnston Canyon towards the ink pots; I heard him singing when I was walking ahead and struck up a conversation.  Since the day was still early, we decided mutually to continue exploring Banff National Park together.  The rest of the day consisted of seeing wildlife and breathtaking views.

For the remainder of my trip, I went to see the Vermillion Lakes before my drive to Edmonton.  Along the way, I experienced my first flat tire abroad.  After exchanging my rental car, I began my drive again towards the airport in Edmonton.  The drive was long, but the views along the way were beautiful, enhancing a tranquil journey back.

Moraine Lake – one of the glacially fed lakes and one of the most iconic lakes at Banff National Park

Johnston Canyon Ink Pots – a 6.5 mile hike that is connected to the trail to see the waterfalls; the ink pots is another hike that I chose to embark on after the initial hike to see the waterfalls

Johnston Canyon – a 3.4 mile round trip trail with views of waterfalls; short hike, yet challenging

Pit Stop at Banff National Park – not sure where we were, but the view was worth the stop

Peyto Lake – the most breathtaking lake, mainly because of the color; it was a bright blue, one of the more unique colors that I was able to witness at Banff

North American Brown Bear – also known as the “Grizzly Bear;” a rare opportunity to encounter especially while inside a national park

Vermillion Lakes – a series of lakes that overlook Mt. Rundle; the perfect time for spectacular views is during sunrise and/or sunset


Not every trip I plan goes seamlessly, and this trip was a perfect example.  I learned to never have expectations traveling when you are emotional, which in my case was I was grieving over my father’s anniversary.  Also, I learned to believe that surprises will come around, unexpectedly and unplanned.

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