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May 7, 2016

My friend, Terona, was visiting the San Francisco Bay Area, and I wanted to make her trip extra memorable.  Originally, I planned on taking her to Point Reyes, Napa, and Big Sur.  However, we did not end up following the itinerary.  We explored Point Reyes and Pacifica instead.  Terona researched Pacifica, and I was amazed by its coastal views.  Pacifica was only a 30-40 minute drive from San Francisco!

During our drive to Point Reyes, the weather turned foggy, but we were able to witness deer frolicking in the distance.

In Point Reyes, the lighthouse is one of the most visited places in the area.  It is deceptive in appearance as far as the difficulty level reaching the lighthouse.  There are a total of 309 steps!  I was excited to walk all the way down to the lighthouse and capture photographs up close.  However, by the time we reached the lighthouse, it was closed.  We were still able to walk around and capture photographs of the lighthouse from a distance.

I was rather disappointed that the weather was not sunny, but I think the fog made the experience different for us.  We were also able to capture unique photographs of the area due to the weather conditions.  I stepped out of my car to capture some of the spots I saw during our drive towards the lighthouse, on our drive out of Point Reyes.

On our drive out of Point Reyes, the sun already set.  However, I was drawn to this lake, and I had to capture a photograph.

Pacifica is a city in San Mateo County.  Its location is between San Francisco and Half Moon Bay.  Initially, when driving through Pacifica, I noticed this unique structure instantly.  I wanted to stop there first, but Terona was interested in going down to the coast of Gray Whale Cove State Beach.  The walk to the structure was scary because there is no pedestrian walkway, which is why I decided to walk back to meet up with Terona at Gray Whale Cove State Beach, which is about 1-2 miles trail leading to views from the cliff and coast.  After hanging out at the beach, we drove back to a closer parking lot, right next to the structure!

Devil’s Slide Bunker provides awe-struck views of the Pacific Ocean and the coast in both directions; you are also able to climb in and out of the structure!  During WWII, this structure was used to look out for aerial and naval threats in the Bay Area (California Beaches, 2017).  This structure is the perfect spot for photographs of Gray Whale Cove State Beach and Devils Slide Trail (California Beaches, 2017).


I never really thought much of San Mateo County, but it was mainly due to ignorance.  I was only exposed to the night life and shopping areas of San Mateo.  However, exploring Pacifica, opened my eyes to San Mateo County.  The coastal views were one of my favorites, and the hikes encompassing this area were not strenuous all.  What a catch – easy stroll with jaw-breaking views!

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