Week of Women in Food Day 2: Besharam + August 1 Five 2019-04-15T11:06:49-07:00

Project Description

March 4, 2019

During the second day of La Cocina’s Week of Women in Food 2019, Chef Heena Patel (Besharam Restaurant) and Hetal Shah (August 1 Five Restaurant) paired up together and cooked some amazing food to celebrate the week of women in the food industry!  Chef Heena Patel named her restaurant, “Besharam,” which means shameless in Hindi (La Cocina, 2019).  Part of her story, she shares that she is the second daughter in a traditional Gujarati family, and she was never expected to open a restaurant (La Cocina, 2019).  However, she chased her dream and has officially opened her own restaurant (La Cocina, 2019).  Photographs captured were my favorite moments that night!


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