Week of Women in Food Day 4: Bini’s Kitchen + Rich Table 2019-04-25T12:23:21-07:00

Project Description

March 6, 2019

During the fourth day of La Cocina’s Week of Women in Food 2019, Binitha Pradhan (Bini’s Kitchen) and Sarah Rich (Rich Table) worked together in creating a special menu to celebrate the week of women in food industry!  Both chefs have unique backgrounds as far as their journey in food entrepreneurship!  Binitha started her business delivering pre-made Nepalese meals from the back of her car while her infant son, Ayush, slept (La Cocina, 2019).  What began as a small business, Binitha will be opening her own restaurant this year in San Francisco!  Sarah on the other hand has won Michelin stars and written cookbooks (La Cocina, 2019).  The night was filled with love, laughter, and surprise dishes that were not on the menu; the photographs captured revealed Bini’s Kitchen’s restaurant that will be opened this year as well as the amazing food served!


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